Yacht Building

In the first workshop at the Rommelhaven in Harlingen a great deal of work was done in the field of charter sailing. As a shipwright, Arne Zeeman was involved in the making of spars and sideboards; the production of portholes, wheelhouses, skylights and cabin doors was also common. Over time, demands for carpentry on yachts and the laying down of decks increased; the direction of the company changed accordingly. 
In 1997 the business moved to Enkhuizen; first to a workshop in the city, then to the industrial area of Krabbersplaat. Under the name of Jacht en Interieurbouw Zeeman (later Zeeman Jachtbouw) there was a great deal of work done on luxury barges, sail yachts and motor boats. Ships were stripped and rebuild, and the process of prefabricating yacht interiors developed further.