Welcome at Arne Zeeman Carpentry

Welcome at Arne Zeeman Carpentry.IMG_0210

Thirty years ago, a love for woodwork and classical ships made Arne Zeeman decide to become a shipwright. As he worked steadily for three decades, his company grew. His main field consisted of the restoration or refit of classical barges and ships, but there was also a steady influx of work from contractors and shipyards to supply wooden furnishings, furniture, and other construction materials.

Recently he has started managing a small camping in Callantsoog, together with his wife Anna. The motivation to produce beautiful crafts is undiminished however, and he is still active as a versatile carpenter and joiner.

You can come to Arne Zeeman for:

Alterations in and around the house, such as refurbishing the kitchen or building closets or stairs.
The building of interiors and laying down of floors and decks for boats and campers.
Bars and counters for the workspace.            

Interested? You can always contact me for advice or an obligation-free quote at info@arnezeeman.nl